We want you to think of Have Tools Will Travel as your Automotive Diagnostics expert. Servicing central Kelowna primarily in order to deliver the high level of customer service that I provide. Any time your check engine light comes on, think of us for help. Reading the codes and replacing the sensor will often lead to un-necessary parts replacement. And after market parts found today are lacking in quality to say the least, so its best to keep your factory parts on your vehicle if you can because they are expensive to replace and they are made to a much higher standard.

I have modern, accurate tools allowing me to quickly get to the root of any problem and take the guesswork out of repairs. Focusing on domestic and asian vehicles only at the moment. We are all caught up on the training required for successful automotive diagnostics on today’s constantly evolving vehicles. It is our passion to stay on top of these things so you don’t have to. Mechanics can no longer rely on information they were taught years ago. Most shops don’t even want these complicated problems but that’s what we specialize in.

Using a data driven automotive diagnostics approach gives me the ability to quickly determine if the root of the problem is mechanical or electrical in nature. Specializing in anything causing your vehicle to run poorly, whether its your engine or your a/c compressor or any other electrical problem in between. My goal is to provide a different sort of automotive repair experience.

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