Own a Mercedes Benz from before 2015 and all keys are lost? We’ve got Mercedes key programming and locksmith solutions for you.

Simply remove your EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch) and send it or bring it directly to us in Kelowna, BC. This way, you’ll avoid the high costs at the dealership.

When we receive your EIS, we will directly program new keys for your vehicle right at our bench, no need to have your car here. If you buy 2 keys, we offer a programming discount, making it an even better deal.

Looking for a spare key? Just send your EIS and one working key to us, and we will create an additional key for you.


Having trouble starting your vehicle with a key that should work? Mercedes vehicles often run into ESL (Electronic Steering Lock) issues with EIS W204, W209, or W212.

We will pinpoint the issue, whether it’s the key, EIS, or ESL, and determine the correct solution.

If your ESL is at fault and in the unlocked position and you can still turn the steering wheel, we will program an ESL Emulator to act as a new ESL. Our emulator programming service costs significantly less than the dealership’s price for a new ESL replacement.

If the ESL is stuck in the locked position and you can’t move the steering wheel, we need to remove the ESL from the steering column so we can program an emulator.

We also offer ESL Emulator programming at our shop, without your vehicle. For this, we need three things from you: the ESL, EIS, and one working key.

Mercedes Benz Key