Kelowna Airbag Crash Data Reset


Airbag Crash Data Reset becomes necessary when a collision triggers your car’s airbags to inflate. Consequently, the Airbag Module stores Crash Data. In such instances, both your car’s airbags and the airbag module require replacement. Our innovative airbag crash data reset service intervenes, letting you wipe crash data and reuse your existing airbag module. This procedure restores your module to its factory condition without the need for extra programming.

This cost-effective solution proves invaluable, especially when considering the high costs of new SRS airbag modules—ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Opt for our service to save on expenses while ensuring the continued use of your current airbag module


Airbag Crash Data resides on the EEPROM chip within the Airbag module. To tackle this issue, we access and erase the crash data using various methods tailored to each Airbag module’s requirements.

For some modules, we employ the simplest and fastest method – resetting crash data via the OBD port using a specialized scan tool. Other models necessitate direct access to the Airbag module, requiring us to jumper pins on the module to our scan tool. In certain instances, the Airbag module can stay in the vehicle, while other situations, due to location constraints, may demand module removal.

For the most intricate cases, certain Airbag modules need disassembly to read and write to the EEPROM chip. This method can be complex and time-consuming, sometimes even requiring the de-soldering of the EEPROM chip from the circuit board as a last resort.

Have Tools Will Travel offers this service locally in Kelowna, BC, and throughout Canada. Simply contact us, ship your Airbag Module to us, and we’ll clear the Airbag Crash Data on the bench before returning it to you. Most Airbag modules fit inside a small flat rate box from Canada Post with tracking for $20. For U.S. residents, contact us to explore options. Pricing varies based on the module and the necessary steps to clear the Airbag Crash Data.

EEPROM Crash Data Reset Service


  1. Disconnect ground cable from the battery.
  2. Wait 10 minutes.
  3. Locate Airbag Module.
  4. Unplug the wiring harness and remove.


The airbag module, also known as the airbag control module or the SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) module, is a crucial component in a car’s safety system. It is responsible for monitoring and controlling the deployment of airbags in the event of a collision. The module contains sensors that detect sudden deceleration, indicating a potential collision. When such deceleration is detected, the airbag module triggers the inflation of the airbags to provide additional protection to the occupants.

The storage of crash data in the airbag module is part of its function to record and analyze information related to a collision. This data includes details such as the severity of the impact, the deployment of airbags, and other relevant information. The stored crash data serves several purposes:

Diagnostic Information: The data helps technicians diagnose the extent of damage and assess the condition of the vehicle’s safety systems after a collision.

Post-Collision Analysis: Crash data can be used by investigators or accident reconstruction specialists to understand the dynamics of a collision and determine factors that contributed to its severity.

Improving Safety Systems: Analyzing crash data allows manufacturers to enhance the design and performance of airbagsystems, contributing to overall vehicle safety.

Resetting or clearing this data, as offered by our airbag crash data reset services, becomes necessary when components are replaced or when trying to reuse existing modules. This process ensures that the module returns to its original state, ready to record new data in the event of a future collision.