Module Cloning addresses several challenges inherent in replacing a module with a used one.

If your ECU/ECM/PCM, TCU/TCM, or BCM is malfunctioning and you’re considering a used replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us. Sometimes, the original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.) prohibits programming for used modules, as seen with GM Global A Vehicles, pushing you toward expensive new modules and programming. We circumvent this issue with module cloning.


Through module cloning, we can modify the VIN in a used module to match yours. Additionally, it transfers all the essential security data required to start your vehicle, saving you from additional expenses for key programming. Any specific coding and calibrations your vehicle requires are also replicated during the data transfer.

Used Modules are readily available, whereas new modules are often scarce and costly. Once we’re finished, cloned modules are just plug and play. Simply install and drive away.


To clone your module effectively, you’ll need a used module with the exact same part number – this is crucial. Don’t base your search solely on the vehicle; the part numbers must match exactly. And don’t forget to keep your original module. Contact us for more details.

This service is also available via mail if you reside outside Kelowna, BC. Simply send us your original module along with a used module featuring the exact same part number. In return, we’ll send back a cloned module ready for immediate installation and use.

GM Module Clone - ECM/TCM/BCM