Dangers of using “AC Recharge Kits”

AC recharge kits are dangerous
Harmful effects of air conditioning sealant

Unknown to many people, the kits consisting of cans used for AC recharge sold at automotive parts stores will damage your AC system and possibly even yourself. AC systems should only be serviced by a licensed tech using R134a or R1234yf.

R12a is Flammable

Cans sold as refrigerant replacement or refrigerant recharge are as flammable as propane. A real bad idea to put into a leaky AC system if you don’t want fire. These products are not even sold in the U.S. because of their inherit danger.

AC Recharge Kits Often Sold With Sealant

The cans of sealant sold with or near by on shelves with AC Recharge kits are particularly harmful to your AC system, and also my tools. The many small orifices and ports found throughout the AC system will clog from use of these cans of sealant. You will need to replace components and thoroughly flush your system in order for it to ever function correctly again.

Contaminated AC Systems

Even if cans of sealant are not used, the R12a added to the system has contaminated the PAG Oil inside your AC system used to lubricate the compressor. This mixed oil will not lubricate as well, and may lead to compressor damage. Mixing some refrigerants may also cause small ports to clog, despite what it says on the can. Contaminated AC systems should be flushed and PAG Oil replaced, before re-filling with R134a or R1234yf.

My Approach

Contaminated systems must be checked for Sealant first. If Sealant is found, your AC system will not function properly again without expensive parts replacement and flushing. If no sealant is found but cans of R12a were used, I still can not guarantee how your AC system will function without flushing and replacing PAG Oil first.

My Advice

Stay away from the AC Recharge section at automotive parts stores, it will save you a lot of money. Re-fill systems only using the correct refrigerant from a licensed tech such as myself. Please call or text Have Tools Will Travel for service or questions.