1. Are you having a no-start situation? How about a crank-no start? What about a long, slow start?
  2. How about misfires? Is it spark related or fuel? What about low compression?
  3. Is your engine overheating? Is it your thermostat or head gasket?
  4. Is your engine low on power or stalling?

For the last 20 years vehicles have become

increasingly more complex requiring a deep level of engine diagnostics.

Engine diagnostics has become increasingly more important since engine computers started manipulating the camshaft and the rockershaft to improve performance and keep up with the always changing emission standards required by law. High pressure fuel pumps and high voltage fuel injectors known as gas direct injection complicate things even further causing all sorts of drivability problems.

We use dealership level scan tools, lab scopes and OEM service information to solve these engine and drivability problems.